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We started our journey in 1948 manufacturing fabric for the Egyptian market. From then, we built our first store, 30 years ago, where we redefined casual and formal menswear. Inspired by Italian fashion, we now offer all our products online and in over 20 Cellini stores throughout Egypt.
Cellini the legend of gorgeous outlook. Our journey starts in 1948 providing the Egyptian market with luxurious fashion garments and the journey still in its way as tell now we have 19 branches.

Store Founder

Our Mission

Cellini garments are made of high quality fabrics and the designs of cloths are different and special.

Our Vision

Cellini is an international brand and our customer is always satisfied and found all what he need.

What do you want to wear?

Either you like to wear casual or formal, for; sure, you will find your own taste. Cellini brand gathers both tastes. As you will find a wide range of polo T-shirts, striped shirts and jeans as well as you will find marvelous suits and ties with different colors.